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Or Food Machines are easy and fun to use for all kids birthday party ideas  and birthday party themes. All 4 Fun Jumpers food machines and concessions popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone, nacho, hot dog,concession and more!

All of our Concessions are clean, sanitized and always serviced after each use.

We provide training and written instruction  on all of our food machines, popcorn, cotton candy, snow cone, nacho, hot dog concessions and more! Serving Temecula and nearby cities. 

Perfect for any theme party ideas such as backyard BBQ's, banquets, company events, fundraisers, charity functions, church events, schools, or any kids birthday party idea.  

Includes 50-60 cones to make your cotton candy with.  Your choice of Blue Raspberry or Pink Vanilla

Liking us qualifies you for any of our monthly drawing or SPECIALS!!!

Taste just like ballpark franks when you use any of our hot dog grillers, hot dog broilers, or hot dog steamers.

We're INSURED & LICENSED for Homes, Parks and all your social gatherings!

Chip Warmer 

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Hot Dogs taste so gourmet when cooked in any of our Hot Dog Machines! 

All 4 Fun Jumpers

Food Machines 

Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Snow Conne, Nacho, Hotdog, Concessions and more!

Cotton Candy just like the carnival Fluffy, Sticky and Yummy!

Includes 50-60 Hot Dog trays to make eating them easy and with less mess. You must Provide your hot dogs, buns and own condiments.

Includes 50-60 servings of popcorn and 50 popcorn bags to serve your guests.  Very EASY and DELICIOUS!  

Making Nachos has never been easier! Machine is  very easy to operate with less mess than you crockpot.  such a fun novelty!

Ask us about our Discounts: Military, Teacher, and more!

Fully Insured

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Popcorn Freshly made by YOU and yummy just like the movie theater. 

Includes cheese 50-60 servings. You must Provide your chips and condiments.

Nacho Machine just like you 7/11 store. super easy to use and the taste just simply delicious!

Includes 50-60 Snow Cone cups and 2 flavors of syrup (ice is NOT included)

Snow Cones Perfect for those summer days :) 

So nice to be able to serve the chips warm, just add that extra special touch!