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Our Fun Tech in this pic is 6'3"


  • Park Events
  • Church Celebrations,
  • Banquets,
  • Home Use & More :)

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Or Tech on the slide is 6ft tall!

Can be used WET or DRY

Size: 62L x 16W x 12H, Structure is 20ft tall!     Clearance space needed 65x18  feet is needed

Size: 31L x 13W x 18H, Structure is 25ft Tall! clearance space needed 34 x 16 feet is needed

Water Slides and More(Keep scrolling to see our wide slection)

Rainbow Tropical Water Slide with a pool....... or no pool.   

Cool off your guest with our beautiful of our super fun Water Slides !  Whatever you choose the kids will be sure to have an All 4 Fun day in the summer heat while staying cool! 

The choice is yours and we are here to help you decide.

All of our Water Slides are Maintained, Cleaned, & Sanitized before your use. We will be double checking  your Water Slide at your event, making sure that your Water Slide is ready for some safe & clean fun.

It's an oversized Combo that can also go into the pool IF you have the room:)

With a BUMPER or POOL, you choose!

Can also be used as a Water Slide!
Click on the Water Slides tab for  details

30L x 10W, Clearance is 36 x 10ft

Slip N Slides

Not like the old school plastic bags on the grass. Try tearless shampoo for some sudsy fun!

18 feet Tall! 16x 25, clearance space needed 19x28

Tropical Water Slide

Misters at the very top kids climb up from the back & splash into an 8 x 8 foot pool that is 2 feet deep
14 x 30 feet, clearance space needed is 17 x 33 feet. You must also provide a working water hose

Standard Water Slide

16x 25, clearance space needed 19x28.  Structure is 20ft Tall!  16 feet where the kids sit at to slide! you can view everything from the front. The steps for the kids to climb up are right next to the slide.  Huge inflatable bumper, misters needed at the very top,  also creates a 2 foot deep pool.

Jumbo Combo   62 feet long, with a Slip N Slide at the end!

Double Lane Slip N Slide

We love this slide perfect for the younger kids, netting provides shading provides shading that also helps keep the slide cooler.

The entire slide is on an inflatable cushion that makes it very comfortables for all the kids.  Misters are  on the inside at the top of the Slide.

All of our Water Slides & Slip N Slides are Maintained, Cleaned & Sanitized before your use. We will be double checking your Fun Jump at your event, making sure that you’re Fun Jump is ready for some safe and clean fun.

 You can throw a Hawaiian party or a Jungle theme party. 

 (Front View)

We're INSURED & LICENSED for Homes, Parks and all your social gatherings!

Super Slide!!!

Primary Fun Slide                                  

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It’s our way of saying thank you for allowing us to party with you! :)

View of Opening of Jump N Slide

They will be Jumping Climbing  & Sliding all day long!​​ 27L x 15W and 10Ft High Slide